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Information Sheet for Volunteers Working Fantasyland Forest

Thanks so much for volunteering your time and happy holidays! 

  1. Arrival Time: Volunteers should arrive between 5:30 pm and 5:45 pm and walk to the Gingerbread House inside the park. 
  2. Volunteer Parking: The designated area is located next to the Nellie Johnstone or by the softball fields.
  3. Gingerbread House: A member of the Fantasyland Forest Committee (FFC) will be there to unlock the door and turn on the power for the sound system and light displays. You’ll need to get materials in order, locate bank bags, locate collection containers, and turn on the CD player.
  4. Gate at Bridge: Open gate at 6:00 pm. Wave people in and ask them to turn off headlights if they haven’t already done so (see Miscellaneous Note E).
  5. Donations: One or two people standing together are to greet each vehicle before it exits the park. We accept donations, but there is no actual charge for driving through the park. If you are asked how much to give, you may suggest a dollar or two, but whatever they give is appreciated. This money goes for the upkeep of the current displays and toward new displays. Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season. Please give each child a candy cane (as well as generous adults), and give the adults a flyer about our display and a postcard advertising other light displays in the area.
  6. Bank Bag, Collection Report: Take donations into the Gingerbread House frequently. As time allows, please count donations. Clip one-dollar bills together in packets of $25, then rubber band four packets together to make bundles of $100. Fill out collection report. The same FFC member who turned on lights and sound system will finish shutting down, verify collection report, and take collected monies to the bank (Bartlesville Reserve Police Officer)
  7. Park Closing: At 10:00, one volunteer should go to the bridge area and block the incoming lane with the sawhorse. If there is a line of cars, let them in until you can close the gate without offending any visitors. Remain at the bridge area until all vehicles have exited the park. Close the gate. Place the sawhorse at the end of the bridge railing. However, please do not leave until the FFC member gives the go-ahead.
  8. Miscellaneous:
  1. The Bartlesville Police Department will patrol occasionally through the park as their schedules permit. The Police Reserves will be there to help close the park..
  2. Absolutely NO walk-in or walk-through traffic (this also includes bicycles). The park is a drive through ONLY! Remind those individuals who attempt to walk through that it’s for their safety and the safety of others that we cannot allow it.
  3. Leave all supplies and extra flashlights on the table in the Gingerbread House when you leave.
  4. There is no limit to the number of times visitors may drive through the park. Encourage them to do so as many times as they’d like.
  5. Many of the newer cars come equipped with automatic headlight sensors which can cause some problems for the cars’ drivers who have never had to manually turn the lights off before. This also poses a nuisance for visitors who are followed by drivers that can’t turn their lights off. Please be aware of the frustration this can cause and encourage visitors to go through the park again if they so desire.
  6. Visitors often ask what’s new this year. In 1999, a mill scene has been added reminiscent of the old Bartles’ Mill. The scene, complete with moving water wheel and running stream, is approximately 24 feet high and 45 feet wide. Since 1999 several new but smaller displays have been added. Several of the larger displays have been repositioned to better showcase them throughout the park. In 2002 several small displays were added and in 2003 the Nativity Scene sponsored by several local churches was brought in. In 2006 the Carousel was added and can be found at the rear of the park, 2005 brought the new entry arch and the Angels on the poles and well as the in house park music with the Arches lighting to the music, in 2007 we brought forth a Melting Snowman and  this year we have added several more, can you find them......
  7. If you’ve not volunteered at Fantasyland before or if it’s been awhile since you have, pick an evening prior to the one you’re scheduled to work and drive through the park. It will help you become acquainted with Fantasyland.
  8. Groups that are volunteering to work at the Gingerbread House are encouraged to identify their group through sweatshirts, hats, or small signs/banners.
  9. Suggested items to bring include your own mobile phone, flashlight, beverage, snack, and layered clothing. Gloves or mittens are extremely important on cold nights. The Gingerbread House is equipped with space heaters and instant coffee/hot chocolate. A port-a-potty is located within the park.
  10. If there is something unusual about the night that you volunteer, please make a note of it on the collection report, such as it snowed 16” or was bitterly cold. We’re also interested in knowing if buses or other special guests visit the park.
  11. If you have any recommendations for making Fantasyland an even better holiday experience, please contact a member (some are shown below) or by calling 333-4978.
  12. If you encounter any difficulties or problems, please contact one of the people below. Most of the folks (99.9%) who visit the park each holiday season are polite and well-behaved. We do, on rare occasions, have a few visitors who can be more difficult. Do not, under any circumstance, put yourself at risk by arguing or confronting a belligerent visitor. Calmly call for assistance immediately!


Bartlesville Police Department (918) 337-1000
Bill Riley (918) 440-9372
Randy Weatherly  cell (918) 914-1530

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Directions and information for volunteers working the park
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